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Our agitators, blenders and mixer

The entire production of Antico Olindo e Cesare is made up of a wide range of agitators, blenders and mixer and it has always achieved excellent results both indesign and production and service performance. From simple agitator on standardized design to more complex equipment for the treatment of high viscosity and density products, non-Newtonian and Thixotropic products, covering various mixing processes.

Guarantees and quality controls

Quality control technicians perform verifications at all stages of design and production, from material arrival to final testing.

All the materials and components used are subject to controls and tests to ensure compliance with requests and specifications. Our agitators, blenders and mixers are under non-destructive testing and functional tests in accordance with standards and computing codes (UNI, EN, ISO, VSR, ASME) and meet the requirements of machinery directive and, where required, ATEX and PED Directives.

To ensure quality products, testers use sophisticated equipment and tools that are periodically calibrated by licensed entities. Our production and testing system has been audited and qualified both by end users and prestigious clients as well as by international inspection agencies.

The awards obtained, together with the ISO 9001 certification achieved since 1996, enable us to offer our customers full assurance of machine reliability and quality.

Guarantees and quality controls